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Leadership Development for Executives and Teams

Organizations grow, evolve or face significant change to continue to be successful.  Changes in the workforce and technology also create challenges.  Executives understand that their roles are changing, are more demanding and that they have to change also.  Most of them do not know how to evolve their own leadership strategies and style to meet these changes.  Hence, leadership coaching becomes a valuable resource.

Leadership growth and success is strengthened through a carefully structured development process. Effective development for both individuals and teams requires increased self-awareness and a recognition of blind spots.

It begins with:

  • Feedback developed through interviewing and highly sophisticated, integrated assessments (individual and 360°) which provide actionable goals that can be tracked.

  • An understanding of the requirements of the executive’s current and future roles and the organization’s needs. These can be quantified and connected to the individual’s feedback.

Coaching success requires:

  • A commitment to development by each participant and his/her boss.

  • Coaches who have significant leadership experience who can support the coaching and development of leaders by providing real life examples.

  • On-going availability as development is always a continuous process.