Fitzgerald, Stevens & Ford, Inc.

Executive Career Transition

The key goal for career transition/outplacement programs is to build/rebuild each participant's confidence.  No matter how successful someone is, their confidence is dinged when laid-off or let go.  The process of creating all the written and verbal materials and preparing for networking and interviews gradually rebuilds the confidence required to be success in a job search to transition to a new direction.

Career transition services are very customized based on the needs and goals of each individual. Our goal is to develop confidence in his or her search by preparing each person for success at every stage of the job search/career transition process. All meetings are one-on-one with their coach.

We start with developing an understanding of exactly where they want to go: role, type and size of organization, culture, future goals that the participant wants to prepare to implement.

We develop customized verbal and written materials including: their Value Statement; a targeted resume focused on desired customers for their services; a Skills Infographic; verbal scripts. If appropriate, a Directorship Bio can be developed. An understanding of the value and effective use of LinkedIn is important, as is establishing a profile that supports the above goals. Coaching continues through the search process including preparation for all interviews, offer negotiations and preparing for the first months in new role.